THE HUNGER GAMES - A blend of Science Fiction “Lord of the Flies Gladiators”, in 5th Element Costumes, with an underlying hit against reality TV – An Absolute Must-See

In the age of hit books like The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter with studios investing in safe bets of an already existing fan base and guaranteed box office hits a few years in a row, I have to say this film had me enthralled and I felt part of the action until it’s very end.

The story is simple: 12 districts , 1 couple from every district and each and everyone has to fight for their life’s. It is macabre and perverse but then again given our history it is nothing else than a gladiator fight manipulated by a TV crew, who entertain the masses. The story is good, it has all it needs and the action will keep you on the edge of your seat.